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5 Ways to Transform Your Home Into A Stress-Reducing Paradise

3/3/2016 (Permalink)

People long to be at home as revealed in the well-known saying, "home is where the heart is." Your home is the person or place you love the most.

But if your home design stresses you out, then you may need to control some of the stress-inducing circumstances that are controlling your environment. Why not create a homey paradise right in your own home? As you read on, think how these five ways can help you transform your blab stressful home environment into a paradise that you wake up to each day.

De-clutter your spaces

To ensure that you aren't getting stressed trying to find things on a daily basis, start getting a hold of the clutter in your house by starting small in one specific area. In fact, go through stuff you haven't worn or used in years. Why are you still hanging on to these things? As revealed in this article, the "why" part behind the purpose for decluttering is especially important otherwise the need to declutter will feel like another "cleaning" type task.

Another way to view decluttering is to make space for things such as having a place for each item you need to find. This will ensure that you won't lose your sanity each time you are trying to find something. You can solve this problem by stocking up on plastic containers of all sizes that can hold a variety of papers and items far away from view.

Clean the air in your environment

Purifiers can eliminate toxins from the air. Our homes are full of toxins especially from household chemicals. Getting a high quality air filter either for heating or air-conditioning can also help build your toxic tolerance.

Keep a plant supply

Studies have actually shown that stocking your home with plants can reduce stress. If you don't have time to take care of plants, invest in a few low-maintenance plants like succulents. Balance a succulent plant with other colors, patterns and textures. Like air-filters, plants clean the air and get rid of toxins.

Establish routines and places that give you peace

Where in your home can you feel more at peace? Is there a place you can meditate, relax and breathe? You don't need to go on lavish vacations to find that sense of peace and happiness. For example, is there a meditation corner you can establish in your bedroom?

Light up your life

Lighting, in all forms, can often be harsh and too bright. The key is to aim for warmer and more soothing light that bathes you which is generally produced by halogen bulbs.

Obviously, natural light is the best earth centering energy, but this is not always possible especially if your windows face away from sunlight. LEDs are efficient bulbs that produce more light than the amount of energy they take.

Cleaning and decluttering aren't just "cleaning" mechanisms, but they have the power to transform your life allowing you to feel true joy and happiness in your home. Destressing a home environment is all about connecting to those "feel good" energies.

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