Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Effects of a fire

What you see here is the hard truth of all the losses that can come out of a fire. This can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why it is good to make the proper precautions to prevent all fires if you can.

Fire Aftermath

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we run into all types of fires. In the picture above what you see is another effect a fire can have in your house, and towards your personal belongings. going through something like this can be devastating but we are always here to help.

Backyard Fire

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we fix this. Let us help you over come this, just in case you are ever in this position. What you see here is a backyard fire that destroyed half of a customer's home. We helped! No job is too big for us.

Aluminum Extension Pole

This is an Aluminum Extension Pole, it has a nylon locking collar where we place a sponge to remove soot and ash after a fire or during mold. It is best used for hard to reach places like you can see in this picture, from SERVPRO of Western Essex County. 

Soot Removal Sponges

What you see in the picture here is just plain Soot Natural Rubber Sponges. They are used like an eraser to remove smoke damage after a fire, fly ash and soot. Safe for use on walls, paneling and acoustical tiles.

Soot From a Fire

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we work hard for you. What you see here is a hallway we cleared up, full of soot after a huge fire. We know how to help after tragic event like this.