Storm Damage Photo Gallery

New Jersey Hit With Heavy Rainfall

In the past few months, New Jersey has been experiencing a high level of heavy rainfall. Did you know heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding is one of the common types of damage from storms?


Here we are at the Annual UCMB EXPO. After all of these storms going on what better way to get our names out there and network, to explain to our community what we can do to help in case of an emergency.

Storms can Affect Walls

In this picture what we have is an affected wall after a snow storm in N.J. The snow melted into water and seeped through the walls, causing bubbles. If left untreated this can cause more destruction to this home.

Storm Effect

In this picture what we have here is a ceiling that fell apart after a rain storm that we had here in N.J. The storm triggered the fall of an already weak roof top in the house.


Pictured above is a flooded basement caused by severe raining. If not treated right away this can cause lots of damage to property and people living in it. Here at SERVPRO of Western Essex County we were certainly up for the job. 

Xtreme Xtractor

This is the extraordinary new hydro Xtreme Xtraction machine, professional flood damage due to storms; restorers can now dry out the carpet – and the underfelt while leaving it on the floor!

The breakthrough has enabled properties to be restored to their pre flood condition in a faster time than previously possible and at a reduced cost as the underfelt will normally not have to be replaced or pulled out.

The Hydro Xtreme Xtractor has a weighted and balanced head which pushes out the water from the carpet and pad and automatically extracts at the same time.

The see through retrieval hose enables the operator to determine when the moisture has been removed. Roll and vacuum the water out at the same time – and save time, effort and money!